Social Dream-Drawing

A valuable method for professionals working with people going through major life transitions. Also available online.

Conceived, developed and researched over a period of seven years, this method helps those
going through personal and professional transitions cope with the inevitable pressures
associated with big life changes.

This workshop is particularly useful for:
· Directors of doctoral, masters and other professional development programs. 
· Consultants working with professional cohorts, such as groups of social workers, doctors,
   managers or teachers.
· Career and outplacement consultants, working with people going through major life transitions, 
   such as relocation, job change or retirement.
· Facilitators of bereavement and other support groups. 

Because it accesses the unconscious of participants and is conducted in the spirit of creative fun,
it serves as an excellent complement to other professional development tools. 

For each workshop, a theme is identified that has a special significance to the participants
and that has something to do with a major change they are experiencing.  Previous
themes include:  
Providing space for dreams in my transition,
“Who am I as researcher?” and “What do I risk in my work?”.

Online Workshop: Building a Psychoanalytically-Oriented Organisational Consulting Practice
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