Thank you for visiting my web site.  I have been an organizational development consultant for almost 30 years, using a psychoanalytic perspective in understanding and working in organizations.

Social dream-drawing from a 2008 workshop in Haarlem NL

My current specialty is Social Dream-Drawing, a praxis that I developed and researched and for which I received my Ph.D.  My research shows that Social Dream-Drawing helps those going through major personal and professional transitions better understand and cope with the inevitable pressures of big life changes. On the personal level, it helps people relocating, retiring, or going through any other major life change. On the professional level, it is especially useful for groups in similar professions (e.g. nurses, teachers, managers), who face similar challenges.  It is also a valuable professional development tool for those seeking to broaden and deepen their current professional capacities.

I continue to facilitate workshops internationally relating to Social Dreaming, Organizational Role Analysis and the Social Photo-Matrix, which I have done for many years.

I supervise and mentor younger colleagues, and I coach various organizational leaders, particularly senior female executives, on issues relating to effective management and career success.  I have clients from all over the world and work by Skype.

This web site offers information on my professional history and current offerings and has links to all my publications.

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Rose Redding Mersky